Dear Iyanla,

Hey girl hey. You know, when Oprah crowned you the real life Rafiki I must confess that I was here for it. What you said made a lot of sense, and in your own sista girl way you really seemed to be touching lives. I’m all for telling it like it is when you know what you’re talking about and you seem to know what you’re talking about except of course when it comes to romantic relationships cuz your ass is nice and divorced.

Then you went and did this dumb shit (I’m new at this whole…mixed media posting thing so copy and paste the link in your browser)

I must say, it made me want to kick your lime green kitten heeled ass and send you back to junior college. Really. What degrees or certifications do you have to support all these exercises you had Maia doing? What part of the DSMIV is this?! She is not some run of the mill drug addict. The woman is diagnosed bipolar and is living in a facility that helps her manage her life. Bi-polar is not just a PART of the problem. Bi-polar is the axis on which her life rotates. All of her issues stem from her mental illness. A mental illness that you have no experience in dealing with or treating. What you did to that woman was irresponsible and DANGEROUS.

There is a reason people have to become licensed to do the work that you haphazardly began to dismantle. And I say dismantle because you tried to force her to feel. You tried to force her bent mind back into its darkest corners so that you could get the reaction you wanted, needed even, for ratings. Or maybe just for your own ego. Who the hell knows. 

Now, I don’t want you to think I’m talking out of the side of my neck. Everyone can’t make a career out of that like you have. I am speaking from the perspective of a woman who deals daily with the disease you exploited. How do you think it made me feel to hear you tell her she went from “Sitcom to psych ward” as if one was heaven and the other is hell, and never should they ever go together? These are all pieces of her. You do not dismiss one piece and exalt the other. What she needs to do now is focus on her future. For us, the road is long and hard and filled with more mistakes and missteps than your one hour show could ever fix. Thank GOD she was medicated because showing her those pictures of herself was enough to trigger a manic or depressive episode. I know because I’ve had manic and depressive episodes. And unlike you, I know enough to know you don’t fuck with the stability of a person just cuz you can. 

This probably sounds like a bunch of pointless rambling to you, and if so, GOOD. That means you know how I felt watching you attempt to “fix” Maia’s life last night.  You ain’t say shit, you ain’t do shit, then had the unmitigated gall to give a Jerry Springer-esque final thought as if you had some how impacted something other than your own self-righteous ass. Girl, have SEVERAL SEATS. 

Yours in self-verified home spun wisdom,